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Women in Business: Small Business Grants

Women in Business: Small Business Grants

Business grants for women are becoming much more popular as more and more women start their own businesses. There are many reasons for this growing interest in female-owned businesses. Women are taking more initiative to work for themselves. In 1997, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, there were over 5.4 million female-owned businesses in the US. Today that number is much more significant. Due to this increase in female entrepreneurs the need for small business grants is of great interest to the American government. Many women who own their own business, operate from their homes so they can stay home with their families. Even though home-based businesses operate in what is considered to be a nontraditional format they are still a very important part of the US economy. Home-based businesses are like any other business: they need funding in order to get them off the ground and further funding to carry inventory, develop marketing plans, and pay their employees. Small business grants are one way that women can run successful businesses whether they have a home-based business or a business outside of the home.

Small business grants aren't just for women who want to start their own business. Grants are also available for women who want to buy an existing business. And even buying an existing business means that you need to have money in the bank so that you can continue to make that business work and run at a profit. Many women are leaving their current jobs to own their own business. Running their own business gives them the ability to be in charge of their own finances as well as plays a big role in determining how much they can make. Buying an existing business comes with considerably less risk than starting a new business from the bottom up. Small business grants can provide women with the means to buy a business that is already doing well and bring it even more success.

Small business grants supply women with the capital they need to see their dreams come true and to be self-sufficient. Any business, whether one built from the start or an existing one, require capital in order to operate successfully. A grant can make the difference for a woman owning her own business or continuing to be part of the workforce and make an adequate living. So just what types of businesses are women running that are successful? Retail is a huge industry for women entrepreneurs, one that they seem to have a great deal of success in. Many business grants focus on women who want to open their own store and sell a product or service that is in demand by the general public. However, no matter what business a woman wants to start there are many government and private organizations that are offering grants to provide the needed capital.

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