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What are Angel Investors? If you have ever tried to start your own business, then you know that one of the hardest aspects of entrepreneurship is finding the funding for your new business endeavor. So many people approach banks ...
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Writing a winning business plan When approaching an angel investor to look for money to start your own business, you need to understand that the investor likely has hundreds of business plans to screen each ...
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Tech Exits in Silicon Alley Although opportunities in traditional New York industries such as finance, media and fashion may have cooled in the last few years, that hasn't stopped phenomenal growth for New York's Silicon Alley....by Matthew R. Kittay & Loughlin F. Rodd
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Do you Qualify for a Small Business Grant? All across the United States there are billions of dollars available for entrepreneurs who want to start their own small business. This grant money comes from government programs...
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Small Business Grants for Women Business grants for women are becoming much more popular as more and more women start their own businesses. There are many reasons for this growing interest in female...
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Expectations of an Angel Investor If you are considering using an angel investor to help fund the initial expenses of your new business, you need to know what an angel investor expects to get out of the deal...
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Preparing for an Angel Investor Meeting The first step in preparing to meet with an angel investor after finding them, is to land the meeting. This is done through the proper presentation of your business plan / Powerpoint....
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Finders for Raising Capital All that glitters is not gold. Isn't that what your Grandmother said? Well it's true in life...including when you're raising capital for your new business....by Peter W. Rothberg
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Minority Groups and Small Business Grants The US government is required to provide for all US citizens regardless of race or color. Although minorities make up a small portion of the US population they have the...
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A Startup Team with Experience My ex-boss in VC used to always say, "No matter how cheap the company is, never catch a falling knife", meaning don't invest in a company whose fundamental value drivers are broken....by Heekyung Kim
A Startup Team with Experience - by Heekyung Kim
Basic Components of a Successful Business Grant Proposal When it comes to writing a small business grant proposal to submit to the government there are eight basic components that you need to focus on....
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Entrepreneurs Following up with Investors After introducing entrepreneurs to investors for over 12 years, the one thing I find that "kills the deal" most often is the follow-up...or lack thereof... by Joe Rubin
Entrepreneurs Following up with Angel Investors - by Joe Rubin
Angel Money for Real Estate Finding angel funding is an important part of the development and success of your real estate company. Investors are seeking real estate businesses...
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State-Run Venture Capital Fund Empowered with access to capital and strategic resources, Connecticut Innovations, a quasi-public organization, is in a strong position to help start-ups... by Claire R. Leonardi
State-Run Venture Capital Fund - Claire R. Leonardi
Angel investors in entertainment Finding an angel investor in the entertainment industry is important to the success of your business. There are several types of entertainment businesses of interest - record ...
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Fashion Angel Investors Although starting a company in the fashion industry can be a risky venture, owning a successful fashion business makes it all worthwhile. An entrepreneur can raise start-up ...
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Private Money Investors Although starting a company in the fashion industry can be a risky venture, owning a successful fashion business makes it all worthwhile. An entrepreneur can raise start-up ...
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Grants for starting a business Startup businesses in need of funding capital can receive grants to finance their new business ventures. Grants are available for start up businesses in all fields...
Angel Investors for Ideas Everyone has great ideas... That said, great ideas do not equate to success. Execution must be your core competency. Every day I speak with numerous entrepreneurs who... by Stephen Silver
Angel Investors for Ideas
Canadian Angel Investors New start-up businesses in Canada trying to raise startup money can look for Canadian angel investors. Angels and private investors can provide funding and expert...
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Advisory Boards: How to Pay and How to Paper Does your company have an advisory board or is it looking to start one? Does your company seek to attract and retain advisory board members who can give your business... by Christopher S. Edwards
Advisory Boards: How to Pay and How to Paper