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Grants for starting a business

Grants for starting a business

Startup businesses in need of funding capital can receive grants to finance their new business ventures. Grants are available for start up businesses in all fields-accounting, brokerage, consulting, construction, decorating, food and restaurants, photography, music and entertainment, retail, travel and more.

Grants for starting a business are available though a number of sources.

- Inadequate funding is one of the two main reasons that start up businesses do not succeed; raising proper and adequate start-up capital is a necessity to start up your new business venture.

- Some types of financial aid are more appropriate or useful for some companies than others. Some of the factors deciding which is the best source of funding are location, type of business, future plans, and the amount of start up capital needed.

- There are different types of grants offered today in aiding entrepreneurs in their new business start-ups, including individual grants, business grants, government grants, organizational grants, and more.

- The US government grants $350 billion in free government grants each year for business and personal grants. The grant you need may be available within your home state.

- While the federal government does not offer business grants, many state development agencies offer business grants and other types of financial assistance to assist entrepreneurs in starting their new business ventures.

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